Carrara Farms Wagyu Flank Steak

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Product Description:

Average size is 3.2lbs – Marble Score 6/7

Flank is versatile cut of meat that you can grill, braise or use in many recipes. Perfect for stir fry, carne asada, shredded beef or a great alternative to skirt steak for fajitas. It can be marinated or simply seasoned and grilled along with braising and slow cooking.

Our 640 Carrara beef is award winning (Gold Medal at the 2019 Queensland Food & Wine Show) and dedicated to the magic of marbling with a score of 6/7. The flavor and marbling is created with a minimum of 350 day grain feed only using F1/F2 Wagyu registered sires’.

Sold by the piece and the average weight is 3.2 pounds per piece.

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