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Cheese & Dairy


Gourmet dairy and cheese products to delight you

Gourmet dairy and cheese products are the mainstays of the culinary world. Very few delightful dishes are crafted without eggs, cream, or butter. Many are topped with creamy cheeses. We have curated the best of them for you in our dairy case.

Blue Cheese

Roaring 40s Blue Cheese

From King Island Dairy in Tasmania, Australia, comes Roaring 40s Blue Cheese — full-flavored with a slightly nutty character. Named after the infamous Roaring 40s westerly winds of more than 100km per hour that blow directly down the 40°S longitude, Roaring 40s Blue Cheese has a smooth, creamy texture created by aging in a wax coating.

Gouda Cheese

Prima Donna Gouda Cheese

Prima Donna Gouda Cheese from Di Bruno Bros. in Holland is a sweeter-than-normal gouda cheese produced with starter cultures typically used in northern Italy. Another Holland original, similar to gouda, is Midnight Moon Goat Cheese, nutty and brown buttery up front, with a long caramel finish, crafted for Cypress Grove Chevre, Inc.

If your tastes run to cheddar, camembert, brie, or gorgonzola,
we have those too!

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