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Gourmet Butcher Shop serves Fort Lauderdale foodies

Owning a gourmet butcher shop was the last thing on Mark Small’s mind when he retired to Fort Lauderdale in 2018. But when he searched his new hometown for high-quality, prime beef, Mark could not find what he was looking for and resorted to traveling across the state in order to buy meat. Suspecting he wasn’t the only South Floridian with a taste for dry-aged beef, Wagyu and Japanese Kobe Beef, Berkshire Pork, fresh fish, crisp produce, and the other culinary accoutrements of a first class meal, he determined to bring them to the east coast of South Florida.

Mark Small

“I wasn’t really looking to have a job,” he explains, “I’d just retired! But I knew there was a need for fresh, high-quality provisions, and that I wasn’t the only person screaming that there was a need!”

Cleaver and Block

So, Mark signed a lease for a simple butcher shop. Then he thought, “It really can’t be just a butcher shop…” so he expanded to include fine meats and meat products. A Cut Above Butcher & Provisions became “a destination for fine things you cannot get at a typical grocery store.”

Our Mission

“Our focus is to provide premium beef, poultry, and pork to customers and commercial accounts alike. Our specialty begins where the grocery store ends- quality, customization, and additive free”

What Makes Us Different

Grocery stores don’t talk about aged beef anymore. They are hoof to shelf, which doesn’t enhance the quality and taste of the beef. Our beef is all wet-aged a minimum of 30 days and we can custom dry age any beef to your liking using our state-of-the-art Dry Agers. Big box stores have also trained you to believe that red meat equates to quality meat. What they don’t tell you is that they achieve this red meat color by adding carmine and carbon monoxide. We will never add anything and only purchase meat from ranches that also never add anything to their cattle (hormones, antibiotics, etc).

We carry the highest quality meat with a minimum marble score of 2-3 which makes it upper choice, lower prime, and above. We also hand cut our beef to your liking. Many other “butcher shops” simply pre-slice your beef and package it to sell but we aim to customize and tailor to every guests’ individual needs.”

Gourmet butcher shop shares
secrets for getting the best meats

But A Cut Above goes beyond offering South Florida’s best-quality meats and provisions for sale. Mark wants to share the extensive knowledge he and the staff has accumulated, by offering hands-on training for their customers, from formal classes to simple over-the-counter friendly advice. “Did you know you can actually feel the difference when you touch Wagyu beef?” he asks. “And while bright red beef may look pretty, it does not taste the way meat is intended to taste! What you see in the middle of the meat is flavor — the more fat in the grain, the higher grade the beef is.” These “secrets” and more, A Cut Above shares with their clientele.

Gift Cards For Your Favorite Carnivore

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