Carrara Farms Wagyu #7 Porterhouse

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Product Description:

Marble Score 6/7, 30 Day Wet Aged

The big brother of the short loin, this beast of a steak offers a larger portion of tenderloin as compared to the rest of the short loin. We cut this steak at 2 inches and recommend a reverse sear or sous vide cooking method to bring out all of the wonderful charm of this bone-in behemoth. Cast iron also tends to do very well when finished in the oven. The bone-in helps keep this steak moist during cooking and allows for more doneness for those that prefer it. This is a steak for two and it will create a memory.

Our award-winning Carrara 640 line of beef has been awarded a range of honors including the Gold Medal for Branded Beef at the 2019 Queensland Food and Wine Show.

Our 640 Carrara beef is award winning (Gold Medal at the 2019 Queensland Food & Wine Show) and dedicated to the magic of marbling with a score of 6/7. The flavor and marbling is created with a minimum of 350 day grain feed only using F1/F2 wagyu registered sires’.

Each Steak is cut to approximately 2.25 pound

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