Cheshire Pork Belly

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Product Description:

Cheshire Pork has over 40 years of selective breeding creating a consistent superior flavor, texture and marbling. Pork belly is the perfect blend of tender and flavorful and is a great compliment to any dish or can be featured as the main event.

The Cheshire Pork bellies are our most popular cut for two reasons: their large amount of lean, and the high oleic acid in the fat, allowing for a firm texture and silky mouthfeel. The skin, or rind, is removed and the belly is cut to 1 pound portions. Their fame is well-deserved as the end product is something deliciously different than any other pork on the market.

More tender than baby backs, due to a higher fat content, the St. Louis ribs are cut from the spare rib once the curved brisket section is removed. They are longer and not quite so curved as the baby backs, with an overall flatter, more uniform shape, making them a favorite contender among competition pit-masters.

Our Cheshire pork belly is cross cut to 1 pound portions. Please contact us if you would like the entire belly uncut