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Passover Menu

Order by calling (954) 500-2333

Please place all orders by 4/11/22. Orders will be prepared and ready for pick-up after 12pm on 4/15/22.
All items will be fully cooked and ready for you to heat.


Chicken Soup – $12/quart
Matzo Balls – $2/each
Chopped Liver – $17/lb
Gelfilte Fish (w/ egg and horseradish) – $5/each
Choroses – $10/pint


Wagyu Beef Brisket (Traditional style with gravy) – $47.99/lb
King Ora Salmon (Grilled 8oz portions w/ lemon dill sauce) – $48.99/lb
Whole Roast Chicken (8 cut approx. 3lbs) – $24.99


Potato Panckes (large & homemade) – $2/each
Carrot Tzimmes – $8.99/lb
Matzo Kugel – $13.99/lb
Potato Kugel – $13.99/lb
Green Bean Almondine – $8.99/lb


Fruit Platter (serves 6) – $32.50
Flourless Chocolate Cake (individual portions) – $7.99/each

Order by calling (954) 500-2333


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