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Top Quality Provisions In Fort Lauderdale

Woman Tying Meet

USDA Prime, American and Australian Wagyu and Japanese Kobe beef, all-natural poultry, extremely fresh fish, and all of the other fine foods we offer at A Cut Above must be handled correctly and prepared perfectly. For that we knew we needed the right space and equipment. We began with renting one unit on Cordova Rd. Expanding before we even set an opening date, the buildout quickly grew into three units for a total of 9,000 square feet!

Cooking and storing prime beef in Fort Lauderdale

Two Ole Hickory Pits CTO-DW (Convection Tri Oven – Double Wide) Smokers reign in the commercial kitchen, each boasting 40 square feet of cooking capacity. These smokers give Chef Luedders the option of cooking with propane or natural gas alone or simultaneously cooking with both gas and charcoal/wood. An innovative built-in convection fan system — exclusive to Ole Hickory Pits Smokers — allows heat/smoke to circulate from the front to the back similar to the heat movement used in convection ovens. This system provides a quicker cook and consistent temperatures all throughout the cook. To give you an idea of their size, each smoker can hold two large (150-200lb) hogs or approximately 30 briskets, 60 Boston Butts, 96 whole chickens, 48 slabs of ribs, or 32 turkeys! “They’re the size of a small car!” laughs Mark.

30 Briskets, 60 Boston Butts,
96 Whole Chickens,
48 Slabs of Ribs, or 32 Turkeys.

Meat Showcase

A commercial grill, three ovens and warmers, a sausage maker, and an 8-burner stove round out the cooking equipment.

A 12-by-14-foot walk-in cooler and 14-by-10-foot deep freezer keeps everything cold in the back of the house, while expansive display cases keeps the provisions chilled in the front of the store.

We keep the store itself at a comfortable 75 degrees for optimum freshness of our open displays of fresh, crisp, farm-to-store produce.

Packaged Goods

Hang Out For A Few

While the storefront does have seating for a few on its patio, there is no table service. Items are not cooked for consumption onsite, but there are delicious Grab ’n Go options that can be enjoyed for a quick lunch or afternoon pick-me-up.

25% Off

Honoring Fort Lauderdale
First Responders

As our way of saying “Thank You” to the hard-working men and women who serve, protect, and rescue us day-in and day-out, we have a special Blue/Red Discount for first responders. No special cards or program sign-ups are necessary — just come into the store, show your credentials and enjoy a 25% discount on delicious sandwiches and grab-n-go items.


Gift Cards For Your Favorite Carnivore

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