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Fish & Seafood


Local seafood, served fresh in Fort Lauderdale

Local seafood, sustainably sourced and freshly harvested, is abundantly available in the waters off Florida. As Mark says , “When you see a fish in our case, you can know it was swimming the day before — I want it that fresh!!”


Freshest Fish Possible

To guarantee the freshest fish and seafood possible, Chef Randy will be turning to long-established purveyors and relying on his network of trusted vendors to bring to your table the best the sea has to offer.

In addition to our fresh fish, enjoy some of our prepared seafood such as Shrimp Cocktail, Grilled and Chilled Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Hot Smoked Salmon, or Smoked Scallops. Looking for something a little more exotic? We carry caviar, calamari, and octopus in our extensive seafood offerings.

You can spice up your seafood with our Lime-Cilantro Rub or make an easy Shrimp Scampi with our Scampi Butter. Stir up a steaming bowl of bouillabaisse or a hearty seafood chowder.

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